Top Tips To Grow Your Kids’ Hair Quicker

Tips for kids hairs growth

We all love our kids and we want to give them the care they deserve at every step of their life. We love them regardless of how they look and they make us smile with their cute little acts.

However, as a parent, one thing that keeps bothering you is their scanty hair which you believe is the only thing lacking in their completely charming personality. Yes, that’s natural but you really need a solution to ensure that you never have to bother again about your little one’s hair and overall charm in their personality.

Probably, you should look out for ways that can help you grow your little one’s hair quickly and make sure that they have a full head with strong hair on top. So, here we have a few tips that you really need to take into account for giving their toddler boy or girl what they really need.

Vitamin D is Important

Vitamin D

Quite often, vitamin D is associated to the healthy growth of bones in human beings. However, there have been studies that show that it even helps with the proper growth of hair and turns out to be quite useful when made part of the hair care items. So, in whatever form you will give it to your kid, it will boost hair growth in your little angels.

Use Cradle Cap

Most of the times, bald patches on the back of the head of kids prove to be worrisome for parents. At times, it is in some other color and makes you think that there’s an infection. However, it actually happens when you make the kid lie down in a position in the cradle where their head gets rubbed against their bedding leading to hair fall. The issue can simply be avoided with the help of some cradle cap and you can put it on your child’s head before you put them into the bed.

Almonds Can Help


Almonds are known to be a wonderful protein source and they carry essential amino acids as well. So, it is advisable that you serve your little one with a couple of almonds every day for promoting hair growth.

Improve Iron Supply

Iron is also known to be an important nutrient which helps in better hair growth. It makes sure that hair does not break due to their fragility. Make sure to give your child a diet that is rich in iron and includes leafy greens, pumpkins, beans, etc.

Groom It Properly

Running a quality baby hairbrush through the scalp of your kid for proper grooming can also be helpful in promoting hair growth. It helps improve the circulation of blood in their scalp too. Just make sure that you give them a nice and neat-looking haircut. However, shaving or cutting the hair does not promise an increase in hair growth. Cutting only makes sure that it looks cleaner and neater and that the hair gets thicker with time.

Keep It Clean

Probably, the best thing you can do for keeping your kids’ hair in good shape is to give it a wash once in a couple of days using a quality baby shampoo. It helps in reducing dirt accumulation and keeps it all clean. Make sure that you rely on lukewarm water for this so that it doesn’t make your little one feel uncomfortable.

Proper Oiling Can Work

Massaging your kids hair with oil can be helpful in active blood circulation while providing it with the much needed moisture to improve healthy growth of hair. Organic and pure coconut oil can be used for some amazing results. Besides feeding your kid on almonds, massaging their head with almond oil may also prove to be helpful in providing the scalp with nutrition it needs for better hair growth.

Use A Good Conditioner

For kids who have extremely curly hair, using good conditioner is advisable to keep their hair soft and supple. Kid-friendly products won’t just be helpful in handling their hair but they can also help their hair with essential nutrients to have optimal growth. It can also be quite helpful when it comes to removing any kind of flakes. Another great alternative is to try natural conditioners such as egg, yogurt, and hibiscus. They’re all kid-friendly because they don’t have any kind of harmful chemicals.

Aloe Vera Can Nourish Hair Too

Nobody would deny the natural goodness of Aloe Vera for skin, but it’s also proven to be helpful with their hair growth as well. Whether you want to serve your kids’ scalp with Aloe Vera juice or you’d like to mix it into their conditioner or shampoo, you can get desired results either way.

Try Good Quality Hair Products

Hair Products

Yes, even kids hair can have different textures and forms. While some products can be appropriate for the curly hair types, others may help with the growth of straight hair. So, do your research, and find a quality product for your kids’ hair and don’t just stick to a single product that is actually not working out. Try using it in sachets first and within a couple of weeks, you’re sure to find out what’s best for your kids’ hair type.

So, give your little one’s hair the care it deserves for promoting better hair growth. You’ll definitely feel accomplished when you’ll see their hair growing into something longer, thicker and beautiful.