Tor Releases Alpha Android Browser – Why Should You Use it?

Tor Releases Alpha Android Browser

The privacy-centric browser Tor has released its trial version for all the Android devices around the world. Privacy watchdogs, journalists, and netizens located in different countries praise the onion network’s decision.

The onion network through the alpha release of their Android browser has assured their privacy-focused aim – staying on par with tor browser for desktop and offering superior privacy features. With the launch of Tor’s mobile browser, the worldwide netizens have started embracing the pro-privacy release, but those who are located in the region with lack of network infrastructure will sadly be unserved.

How Does Tor Alpha Works?

The moment a user runs a Tor Browser on an Android device; his network traffic passes through various relays and is encrypted with strong encryption over the Tor network.

Interestingly, there are thousands of volunteer-run servers called Tor relays. On top, Tor offers an impregnable privacy protection to those located in regions with strict online surveillance and censorship laws, restoring privacy of the netizens.

What Does Stats Say About the Tor Android Browser?

Considering the privacy-focused benefits of using Tor, the online search and business intelligence portal Statista has confirmed that in 2017, about 70 percent users in India had accessed internet through mobile devices – and so did 67 percent users in Indonesia.

Mobile Devices Put the Wordwide in WWW

You will find more infographics at Statista

Not only this, but these stats also reflect internet usage in regions where netizens and privacy activists deal with state-sponsored surveillance.

Tor and Online Privacy Protection

When talking about the official statement by the Tor anonymity network, one of the company’s spokespersons has stated that:

“In various countries, netizens access internet mainly through using smartphones. However, cyber threats haunt the netizens as they are tracked, censored, and surveilled. Tor believes that every user holds right to access internet without any censorship. Releasing Tor Browser on all the Android devices is a vital step in safeguarding the privacy of the netizens located around the world.”

There are various benefits of using Tor including protection against online tracking. What Tor does is that it isolates every website that a user visits, keeping the third-party trackers on the bay and stopping ads from following a user. In addition, Tor clears cookies automatically when a person is done with browsing. Tor ensures that no one watches a user’s connections with the website he/she visits.

Also, Tor claims to make every user look same on the internet, making it nearly impossible for a user to be fingerprinted based on the information stored on a browser. Fortunately, Tor browser will circumvent the restrictions imposed on some sites in different countries, enabling the netizens to access the internet with true online freedom.

The Tor browser for all Android devices can be downloaded from the official Google Play or through official Tor site. However, users will require the Orbot proxy application for Tor on mobile that keeps them connected with the Tor network. The anonymity network has confirmed its goal to eliminate the requirement for Orbot in the near future.

Interestingly, Orfox, a 3rd party browser by the Guardian Project will be sunsetted with the stable release of Tor. It will route online traffic in an Android device through the Tor network. Users will be able to use Orbot to reroute traffic from different apps over the Tor network. Unfortunately, there is no official Tor browser available for the iOS devices, but Tor recommends using Onion browser released by Mike Tigas.

When talking about the stable release for Tor Android browser, users will receive it by the starting of 2019. The Tor project has stated that it would be looking closely on the feedback on errors, flaws, and bugs faced while using Tor android mobile browser.

In an official statement, the company has stated that it is the first version of the Tor browser for Android devices. In case a user finds a bug or has any suggestion about how they could improve the browser, then he/she should feel free to inform. The anonymity network tracks all issues with the tbb-mobile keyword in their bug tracker. Tor stays happy to receive bug report and improve their service.

Things You Should Know About the Tor Alpha Android Browser

The Tor anonymity network has announced the Alpha release of their Android browser. Users can expect bugs at this moment. The company has ensured to offer a stable version by the starting of the next year. The browser comes equipped with strong privacy features such as anti-surveillance protection, security against fingerprinting, multiple-layered security, freedom to browse, and much more.

The Tor Alpha android browser claims to offer the highest level of privacy protection to date. However, the browser won’t run alone and will require you to install a proxy app called “Orbot”. The Orbotis will connect the browser with Tor network, ensuring that the traffic goes over the Tor network.

The company has currently stated that this dependency of Tor on Orbotis will be eliminated soon. At this moment, you can have a look at the privacy benefits that Tor Android browser offers:

Anti Surveillance Protection

Among the best privacy features of Tor browser stands protection against the state-sponsored surveillance. Also, the Tor browser stops the cybercriminals from watching your internet connection and websites that you visit. Interestingly, the only thing others will be able to see will be your connection with Tor and nothing else.

Get Rid of Fingerprinting

Privacy is achieved when you become completely anonymous. The Tor browser makes it almost impossible for the hackers to fingerprint you through a browser or device information. This feature allows you to become safe and secure against data snoopers and identity thieves.

Freedom to Browse

The Tor browser not only keeps your online activities secured from the eyes of the cybercriminals but provides you with a reliable online freedom. If your internet service provider has blocked a website, the Tor browser will allow you to access it free from anywhere in the world.

Layered Encryption

The Tor browser passes your internet traffic through multiple encrypted layers. The network comprises of hundreds of thousands of voluntarily ran servers known as the Tor relays. In this way, Tor ensures a strong security to your online privacy.

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Evade Trackers

The Tor browser stops the 3rd party trackers from following you online. In addition, the ad blocker keeps you protected against those who want to eavesdrop on your online behavior. When using Tor android browser, you don’t need to be bothered by frequent cleaning of cookies. All the cookies are automatically cleared when you’re done with browsing.


The Tor has been securing netizens’ privacy for years. Being initially used for protection of intelligence information, the Tor now offers protection on mobile devices. However, with an absence of Tor on iOS devices, iOS users are raising questions on different forums. If you have any information to share about the Tor android browser, then feel free to mention.