Transformation of Digital Marketing by Artificial Intelligence

Transformation of Digital Marketing by Artificial Intelligence

Digital marketing Period and Artificial Intelligence Period. Now let us combine the two together in this article of Transformation of digital marketing by AI and it is not a joke.

Everyone knows the transformation Digital marketing brought to the world of advertising. Now, you do not see many companies ads on billboards around Indian towns and cities.

You also rarely find the ten-second advertisement on televisions and radios. Businesses spend money on social media on platforms such as Facebook. The reason, to target specific audiences and generate sales.

AI has also gained ground in other business sectors. Mentions have to be made about AI in the field of mechanical engineering, healthcare, business analytics and many more. And can digital marketing, will the business enthusiasts leave this field?

So, in this article we will focus on the Changes, AI has brought in digital marketing.

In the initial stages, digital marketers were reluctant to introduce AI in their strategies. But when used, the results were accurate so they have been forced to include it. The AI tools keep improving every day. In the future, they may even surpass the human brain.

Digital Marketing by Artificial Intelligence

In the next year, marketing professionals speculate that AI and machine learning will play a major role in advertising campaigns.

So this combination of AI and machine learning has proved to be popular over IoT and automation. Just imagine how businesses will change when every factor of science technology such as deep learning, natural language processing, machine learning, automation, AI come together in a tool. The end product will help many businesses to make high profile decisions.

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Transformation of Digital Marketing by AI

Now let us look into the areas AI can create an impact in digital marketing.

1. Content Creation

Has a tool been designed, which can create content from the beginning?

A joke! No, it has come true. Yes, AI cannot write on its own and generate news.

But, once uploaded with the right information, date, number and time, AI can generate content without any grammatical errors.

There are tools such as Wordsmith, Quill, and Articoolo. They are used by reputed newspapers such as Forbes to generate worthy news.

Yes, the content format gets decided by man. But the end product will be perfect. Do you know that many articles in Washington Post are the result of AI?

Okay, now get the name clear – The AI tool’s name is Heliograph.

2. Recommendations

AI can also curate the content. In other words, people who read a certain type of article will also read other articles.

So, if you have embedded AI on your website, it can show a visitor the relevant articles below the searched articles. In this way, the visitor spends more time on your website.

We hope that you have visualized the pattern which Amazon follows. If you are searching for a book, then you also get to see other books of the same genre. The strategy is the same – convert the visitor to a lead and then a customer.

3. Email Marketing

Digital Marketing

Brand companies from various segments are using AI to check the individual preferences of customer and send them emails. With a bit of luck, the elusive person can change to a prospective customer.

Machine learning can help in so many ways. In fact, it can analyze data regarding a particular customer to determine the best time of the day in a week to contact the user.

It will also give info on the subject and title to catch the attention of the viewer. Do you want some examples? Okay, here they are – Boomtrain, Persado, and Phrasee.

4. Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Definitely, the prime area in digital marketing which has adopted artificial intelligence. You have known about Facebook algorithms to bring in viewers and loyalists by ads.

In this case, the interests of the customer, demography, hobbies and also other aspects are looked into. Now, many companies are making use of Adext (Audience Management as a Service) to effectively handle ads on Facebook and Google Adwords.

You can run so many ads, but it will take time to locate the best that has made for more conversions. It can also look into the successful campaigns and channel a large part of the investment to these campaigns.

5. Searches

Google Searches For Advertisement

Has the online searches remained the same? You bet. They have moved. So, will the digital marketers have to change their way of writing content?

Yes, that is the trend. In 2016, you will have to type the words for a search. But now, you can give commands via your voice.

Imagine the names in the business – Amazon Echo, Microsoft Cortana, Siri from Apple, Google Home. You can use the button or your voice.

Now, the RankBrain has come from Google. It gives the best results based on AI and the searches from the voice.

So, in a few years, gone will be the content such as perfect word sentences. What will stay is the conversational sentences on an eCommerce website.

A website owner will definitely benefit if he/she knows the perfect way to modify the content based on voice searched. Such a website can increase organic traffic.

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6. Web Design

Responsive Design of the Website

There are many who want a website in their name and on the internet. But many do not initiate their idea because of many challenges such as finding the best designer and programmer.

Now applications such as Grid use AI to develop a website based on the info you give. The website can also look professional in a short time. Yes, the budget will also be low.

7. User Experience (UX)

What will happen, if a website owner embeds a high level AI on his/her website? It will be a bonanza for the visitors. Every visitor will get individual attention based on his/her preferences. The AI can show content and offers that are more suitable for every user.

In the eCommerce website, this factor assumes prominence and the result can be converted. How can a website owner make the online presence more user-friendly? By using chatbots.


We have given only seven instances of the transformation of digital marketing by AI. More, however, exist. Let us understand more by a case study. Being an entrepreneur, you have opened a doorstep repair company in Bangalore for home appliances. You also have a website and app by which customers can place a booking request.

Now, you want to generate more revenue by converting more customers. So, you embed an AI into the website to get data on the number of customers visiting the website and what are their most preferred home repairs?

By getting data, you use AI to divide the localities in Bangalore and identify the prime targets. You focus on these localities in specific days and get normal customers converted to leads. Your business revenue can rise to high levels by using this method.

What do you think about the future of AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Let us know in the comment section.