13 Thrilling Ways Technology Has Changed Our Lives Completely

Technology has changed our lives

It’s not wrong to say that Technology has Changed Our Lives Forever in the number of different ways. You can feel it by looking around yourself and you feel the difference between the past and the present.

No doubt that the technology changes the way we live and make our lives easier as there are a number of advantages of technology from which Changed Our Lives and it more comfortable but on the other hand, it has also some disadvantages which are dangerous for our lives.

In this post, we throw some light on How Technology Has Changed Our Lives and what are the Advantages and Disadvantages of this change in our life.

Technology has replaced a number of older things with the newer one just like Letter with emails, Voice calls with video calls, Marriages with Online Marriages, Books with eBooks and Much more even one can’t list them in a single post.

In the today’s world every single person including me, you and all others are addicted to this technology and we can’t live without a mobile phone and social media.

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Let break it down how the technology has changed every sector of the life.

Technologies have Changed Our Daily Lives In the Ways Below:

Ways Technology Changing Our Lives

How Technology has Changed the Way of Human Relationships:

If we look a decade back, there were not many ways to express your feelings to your loved one and the only way was to write a letter, wait for their response.

A little further on, you need contact details to stay in touch with a person and you have to call them and send tons of messages.

But in the present world, you don’t have to do all these shitty things because the technology has changed the lives of humans and provide them a number of ways to create new relationships.

Online Dating:

Online Dating technology that has changed the world

You can now find your life partner in a pretty simple way. What you have to do?

You have to register with a profile photo, descriptive information and match preference on a dating site and it will find a perfect match for you within no time and then you have to arrange a date (It Sounds pretty simple).

In the today’s world, the Online dating is very popular and widely used by the youngsters mostly in America.

As the technology helps to change our lives and make it a way better but on the other hand, it also has some negative effects.

So, here are some advantages and disadvantages of Online Dating.


– Fast, easy and Convenient.
– You will find better matches
– Meet more peoples
– Connect on a deeper level
– Cost Saving


– Online Dating sites make it easy for scammers to scam
– You have to share your personal information (Someone can use it for a bad purpose)

Through the technology, it is also possible to do online marriages and in this way, the technology is changing the lives of humans and making them a single soul.

How Technology has Changed the Way of Education:

The ways of education are improving day by day and all the credit goes to the advanced technology.

In the past, the students used to study from the books but now the books are replaced by the ebooks and one can read these eBooks on a phone, tablet or laptop where ever he/she want.

Some of the advancements of technology in the field of education are listed below:

Cloud-based Technology:

Now the Cloud-based technology is so much popular and widely used by everyone. Students will no longer worry about files, and documents being lost or deleted and there is no need of buying multiple flash drives to save their data.

Students can now store their data easily, freely and securely on the cloud storage. There are a number of Cloud storage platforms available online like Google Docs.

It also has some advantages and disadvantages let’s discuss them:


– Cloud-based technology is very easy to use
– You can easily recover your deleted files from Cloud Storage
– You can use it for free (Up to some storage limit like Google Drive provides 14 GB Free Storage)


– There are Security issues if the service will hack then your data will also be affected
– You can’t access your files if you don’t have access to the internet

Virtual and Augmented Reality:

Top 3 Reasons Virtual Reality is Perfect for Trade Shows

The Virtual Reality gets emerged in the field of education after the success of Pokemon Go. Teachers are increasingly using the Augmented Reality to present the virtual content on printed materials to enhance understanding and inspiration.

Now the VR accessories are available at a very affordable price and are easily accessible for everyone. Numbers of free apps and teaching platform are introduced for virtual education which will increase the learning rate of the students.

It also has some pros and cons have a look below:


– It Provides Excellent Visualizations
– It Creates Interest of Students
– Increases Student’s Engagement
– Improves the Quality of Education
– Eliminates The Language Barrier


– Depreciates The Human Connections
– Lack Of Flexibility
– Addiction To The Virtual World
– Functionality Issues

Educational gadgets:

With the advancement of the technology numbers of the new gadgets are introduced in every field of life.

In the educational sector numbers of new gadgets are introduced which help the students to change the way they learn and make it easy for the students to remember the things easily.

Have a look at some popular educational gadgets which are changing the lives of students:


Mobile First Indexing

On the top of the list, the smartphone is the best way to gain knowledge and learn new things. Students can now easily search their desired information of Wikipedia.

Now with the change in technology, there is no need to have a burden of books with you, all you need is a smartphone with the internet.

IRISPen Scanner:

With this educational gadget, you can easily capture words, sentences, and paragraphs from your book, all you have to do is to slide IRISPen Scanner over the desired text.

It will retype all the text in any of the application on your computer. This is very helpful for the students when they are making research.

There are thousands of other examples of educational gadgets which are changing the lives of humans and making the life better and making our future brighter.

How Technology has Changed the Way of Transportation:

Have a look in the past what was the mode of transportation?

The people used to walk on foot and there were a very few numbers of cars that were owned by the rich peoples only and the most of the peoples used to travel on the animals like horse, camels, elephants etc.

If we go some year back we found that there were simple trains, cars etc on which people use to travel but now with the help of technology it is literally changed in today’s world.

Now, have a look at the present what are the modes of transportation?

Self-Driving Automobiles:

Self Driving Auto Mobiles Technology

In the era of technology which has changed the human life introduced the self-driving cars. You can also call these cars as driver-less cars mean it needs no driver to operate the car.

In this 21st Century, the cars with drivers are now replaced with the driver-less cars these cars are not much popular as they are newly created and are under testing but in most of the big countries like America these cars present for the transportation purpose.

This technology has changed our lives in a way of transportation but it has both advantages and disadvantages as well.


– The road will be safer
– Less Traffic
– Fuel efficiency will greatly improve
– You will have more free time as you don’t have to drive the car
– Reduced emissions


– The difficulty of understanding human beings
– Problems related to weather (Rain or snow will interfere with the roof-mounted laser sensors and which is a dangerous thing.)
– Hackers can break the security and may get into the car’s software and easily control its operations.

High-Speed Rail Network:

HighSpeed Rail Network refers to the bullet trains all around the world. Japan was the first country to introduce the Bullet Train.

Most of the big countries including Japan, China, America etc have replaced the older version of slow trains with these bullet trains.

Bullet Train Technology

The Hyperloop is an underground rail that has the speed up to
240 mph and it is still in testing that how to achieves three times of this speed.

No doubt this technology has changed our life by reducing the time of traveling and provide us with more comfort but every coin has two sides in the same with High-Speed Rail has both advantages as well as some disadvantages.


– Reduce travel time
– It’s more comfortable than the previous versions of trains
– Affordable price for traveling
– It helps to reduce the smog in the environment


– Land occupation and environmental damage is one of the main con of bullet trains
– Emmit’s carbon due to its high speed
– Very expensive project

There are a lot of other examples in the list of Technology changes in Transportation like Smart cars, Private Jets, Big Planes, Helicopter, Gyroscopic Vehicles, and you can even expect flying cars in the upcoming years.

Technology has Changed the Way of Communication:

In the past, the peoples use to talk with each other by exchanging letters and which takes a lot of time even weeks or months.

Later on, the telephones were introduced which squeezes the distance between peoples and they can now talk to each other within no time, but here is not the end.

As the technology is advancing like a fire in the forest and provides us the unbelievable and easy ways to communicate with the world outside in microseconds.

You can use Video Call Services like Skype your loved ones who are at the other end of the world in no time and enjoy a video chat and feel likes that you are talking to each other face to face.

There are numbers of ways you can communicate with each other and one can say that the technology has changed our lives and make this world a global village. Let’s discuss some top ways of communication:


The email refers as Electronic Mail is used worldwide and according to statistics the number of the email users worldwide in 2018 is 3,823 Million and in 2022 these are expected to increase up to 4,258 Million.

The Letters are now replaced with the electronic letters means with e-mails. It is fast, reliable and secures up to some extent.

Emails make our lives easier and bring us to a brighter future but it also has some advantages and disadvantages.


– It’s Free To Use
– Easy to Reference
– Good For The Planet
– Info At Your Fingertips


– Lacking the Personal Touch
– Too Much Spam
– It May Includes Viruses

Video Conferencing:

The second best way of communication is Video Conferencing which provides a full online video conference. Now there is no need to be at the same place and together to conduct a conference.

You can easily host a video conferencing as long as you have a video conferencing software like ezTalks Meetings. This technology brings an enormous change in the communication and it is very helpful for the business peoples who regularly use to do conferences and meetings.

As everything has some benefits and some verdicts same in the case with the Video Conferencing.


– High Productivity And Efficiency
– More Flexible
– More Effective Communication
– Good Option for Remote Working and Online Interviews
– Save Your Money And Time


– Video Conferencing Needs a High-Speed Internet Connection
– Setup a High-Quality Video Conference System Is Pretty Expensive

Social Media:

Digital Advertising

Every second person we know are on social media and that is why the number of social media users all over the world reaches 2.62 Billion and it is expected to be increased up to 2.77 Billion in 2019.

Now the Social Media is like a part of our life according to a statistic daily time spent on social networking by internet users worldwide in 2017 is 135 Minutes. Means every single person spend 135 Minutes of a day on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest etc.

The Social Media is really changing our lives and it is helpful for us in many cases like we can stay in touch with our friends and the outside world and we can share our best moments with our friends but at the same time it has a lot of cons which leads us to danger.

Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Social Media.


– The Main Advantage Of Social media Is Connectivity
– We Can Use Social Media For Educational Purpose
– You Can Easily Share Your Common Problems With The Community To Get Some Help
– You Will Remain Updates From The Happenings Around the World
– You Can Easily Promote Your Business To A Huge Audience
– Social Media Can Also Be Helpful To Create Awareness


– Cyberbullying Is The Most Common Thig Happening On The Social Media
– Your Personal Data Can Easily Be Hacked And Shared On the Internet
– The Addictive Part Of The Social Media Is Very Bad And Can Disturb Your Personal Life As Well
– Frauds And Scams
– Cheating And Relationship Issues
– The Excessive Use Of Social Media Can Lead You to the Serious Health Issues

There are a number of way of communication like Audio Conferencing, Chat Rooms, and Forums etc introduced by Advanced Technology Which Is Changing Our Lives and making over life better as well as producing some serious risks for our lives.

How Technology has Changed the Business:

As the Technology Has Changed Our Lives and Making Our Lives better and better, in the same way, the technology brings new and interesting changes in the field of Business to help the peoples to make their work easier and faster and provides them a chance to earn a decent amount of profit.

Have a look at some changes by technology in the field of business:

Remote Workers Become More Common:

Now the businesses can hire the best workers even if they don’t live locally. Yes, it is possible all because of the latest technology.

With the rise of the collaboration platforms such as Slack and video platforms like Skype and the growing social acceptance, it is very easy to work remotely from your place.

This Technology is very useful in the case that the businesses can hire the best workers from all around the world easily and there is a free hand for the worker to work remotely from its own place.

AI Revolutionizing Business:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us, it is widely used all around the world even we use it in our daily life like searching the web or checking your latest social media feeds there is the use on AI in it to improve the user experience.

Artificial Intelligence technology has changed our lives and provides us that amazing future in which we can live and talk with the AI Robots similar to the humans.

In the same way, the businesses are using the AI for improvement and to increase the sales of the products. Artificial Intelligence is used widely in the business management like:

– Spam filters
– Voice to text features
– Use of smart personal assistants, such as Siri, Cortona, and Google Now
– Automated responders and online customer support
– Security Surveillance
– Process Automation

AI is used in many other ways in the business as well and there is a huge list of uses of AI in business which we can’t put in a single post. Artificial Intelligence also has some pros and cons let’s break them down.


– Enhance Efficiency
– Faster Decisions
– Widely Used In Our Daily Life
– No Break (They Don’t Get Tired Like Humans Beings)
– Reduce The Cost Of Training And Operations
– AI Is Popularly Used In Medical Applications
– Used In Education


– High Cost
– Lesser Jobs (Unemployment)
– Can’t Think Out Of Box
– Exploitation Of Artifical Intelligence

The technology has changed our lives in the number of ways we even can’t think about them. The Technology has changed the way of treatment there is a broad revolution in the field of health only with the help of advanced technology.

Quotes About How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

What is the Future of Technology?

The Floating Farms, Holidays by Airship, Human Head Transplant, Robots, Space drones, AI Scientists and much more.

Yes, this is the future of the technology, and with the future like this the lives of the human beings will completely be transformed into a new one, and the world will be transformed into a new world.

The Future of the Technology is too much crazy and the things which are going to happen or going to be discovered we can’t even imagine at this time.

Quotes About Future Of Technology

Final Words:

Indeed, the advancement of Technology has changed our lives and provide us with a better life but at the same time, this technology has some drawbacks too which we have to keep in mind.

As the Future of the Technology is bright and the technology will make a good present for our next generations.

What do you think about the Future of Technology and the ways Technology Has Changed Our Lives, Give us your cool answers in the comment section. Thanks!