Best Ways To Grow An Organic Instagram Presence

Best Ways To Grow An Organic Instagram Presence

Instagram is an insanely growing social media platform, and right now it’s almost the hub for all the businesses owners and marketers out there.

There was a time when Facebook was considered to be the only platform where people could market their business and reach out to their audience but now there are so many other social media networks in the game, and the competition is quite tough at the moment.

Now, if you are someone new to the digital world and if you are confused on which platform to begin all your marketing then know that Instagram is the place where you need to be.

There are two main reasons why Instagram is the best platform for you, first, it’s an easy to use application and secondly, it’s comparatively easier here to get followers both, organically and through dodge shots.

By dodge shots, we are referring to the “buying followers” technique. In fact, it’s pretty common nowadays, you just need to type on Google “Buy followers Instagram” and you’ll have several service providers pop up on your screen.

Honestly, if you want to increase your followers on Instagram quickly then you should be working on both, the dodge shots and the organic followers. But if you just want to grow your presence in Instagram organically then here’s what you can do to make that happen;

1- Cross promotion

We are not asking you to have any presence at all on the other social media platforms, it’s just that you need to put more of your focus on Instagram. And along with that, you should be cross-promoting your presence on Facebook, Twitter or some other blog that you have.

You see, at the end of the day increasing your visibility on Instagram is your only goal because that’s what will get you more and more followers. Now, to gain those huge number of followers you need to opt for cross promotion because that actually works.

2- Use hashtags

If we are talking about literally organically increasing the followers on Instagram then you’ve got to consider the hashtags that you have. On every post, you are allowed a total of 30 hashtags, and these 30 hashtags are no less than 30 opportunities that can bring you closer to your followers.

A lot of business owners overlook this important factor, but it’s high time for you to start working on this and use hashtags that are creative and relevant to what you are selling.

3- Run giveaways

Nothing can increase your visibility as a giveaway. Know that people are hungry for free stuff, they love winning contests and they’ll literally do anything to win an impressive giveaway.

So, these tips are especially useful for those who are running an e-commerce store on Instagram. If you are new to this platform and if you want some quick followers and user engagement then you need to run a giveaway, and you’ll see the result on your own.

4- Be exceptional with your content

Content is always the king no matter what the platform is. If you have something unique and exceptional to give to your audience, they’ll welcome you themselves, and you will see how they will get attracted to you.

So, first of all, never in life copy someone else and secondly, create posts that can rule the internet and make you famous. Your Instagram account must speak for your services, and you need to be very very exceptional on this one.


These are some of the basic useful tips that can bring you the organic followers that you’ve been looking for. Just make sure not to lose hope and keep on struggling because the increased number of followers isn’t something as easy to get as it seems to be. You’ve got to be constant with your efforts, and you need to give it all that you have.