10 Best Ways You Can Save Money While Grocery Shopping

Save money while Grocery Shopping

It is common for us to drain out our wallets at grocery stores as they really tend to be expensive. You can always go in there only for a few items and then come out with several shopping bags full of stuff that you didn’t want in the first place. As we can’t survive without eating, there isn’t any simple way around to avoid all this and despite their high costs you have to buy groceries to prepare stuff at home because other options can get even costlier.

Well even though there are things you can do to avoid all that expensive shopping and save some money, the basic rule you have to follow is to make a budget and then stick to it. There are many online tools like calculatorall.com that can be of help here if you know how to use them. And, once you have a realistic budget set up, all you’re left with is to strictly follow it and avoid impulse buying. Below are a few tips that are specifically devised for saving money while grocery shopping and they’ll help you in sticking to your budget.

Avoid Those Inner Aisles

Most of us don’t know that grocery stores have been designed strategically and they usually have essential ingredients, like produce and dairy, at the opposite ends. As a result, most of the shoppers have to go through all those aisles in between and they are often tempted to pick stuff they don’t actually need. So, make sure that you avoid those inner aisles and buy only what you have budgeted for.

Coupons Can Help

Coupons can be helpful in saving you a serious amount of money. Coupons.com and many other websites are available today where one can find some really amazing deals. You can double the savings by using coupons in combination with taking advantage of local sales. The circular of your local grocery store can give you a good idea of what they’re promoting. So, you should check it out every week to save big.

Take Your Hands Off The Toiletries

Even though it is quite easy to buy such items at a supermarket, it’s usually expensive. You should rather buy such stuff at pharmacies to save a few bucks.

Never Let The Brand Names Tempt You

It can be that you are tempted by a specific brand when it comes to sugar or cereal, buying generic items is often cheaper. They usually put their labels on the name-brand products and what you’re getting is that same thing but at a cheaper price. Only make sure that you are checking all the ingredients so that you buy the same product.

Check Up And Down Because Eye-Level Shelves Usually Have Priciest Items

As we usually check out whatever comes in front of us, grocery stores trick you by putting most expensive stuff at shelves that you first see. So, you should check the upper shelves as well as lower shelves to ensure that you are buying something that is a bit cheaper.

Remember The Rain Checks

When the store announces a sale on products that are commonly used, such as olive oil, it doesn’t take any time at all for them to be sold out. So, it is advised that you should ask about getting rain checks. It is common for the grocery stores to get you an extension for sale items that have been sold out.

Choose Dried Beans Instead Of Canned Ones

There are many who choose to go with canned beans as they either intimidate them or the lack of time drives them into making the decision. However, it is really easy to make a good enough pot full of beans and when it comes to taste you can’t beat it. Even though the price difference is not that much but such small changes can get big when they add up.

Don’t Go Shopping When You Are Hungry

It is common for us to hit the grocery stores before dinner or after work and that’s when we’re all feeling hungry. Grocery shopping when you are hungry tempts you into buying more than what you actually need. So, it is better to schedule your grocery shopping on weekends and hit the stores with the full stomach.

Don’t Go For Prepared foods

Any pre-made items that you can find on the shelves are a big ‘No’. Rather, you should buy ingredients to save considerably and prepare those same foods at home for fraction of a price. You won’t have it fresh only but it will taste a lot better as well.

Reconsider Your Decision If You’re Going To Buy Bottled Water

Yes, bottled water doesn’t come cheap. It’s become a billion-dollar industry and all that comes out of our pockets. On average, 16 oz. water bottles would cost you almost one dollar and the recommended intake for a day is four such bottles. So, that means you will be spending $120 every month on something that you can actually get for free. It is true that you should be careful about your health but that doesn’t really come from bottled water. So, it is better that you reconsider your decision.

So, try these top tips for saving money as you go grocery shopping the next time. Believe it or not, you will be able to save quite a lot if you’ll implement all these tips precisely while grocery shopping. And, obviously, you won’t end up with an empty wallet by choosing to stick to your grocery budget.