Wedding planning tips for winter wedding

Tips For Winter Wedding


In the north Indian Region, Weddings generally comes in months from November to January. The temperature in these months is extremely cold and freezing to chill you out.

The great hill stations and extreme northern regions have snowfalls while plain areas also have extreme temperatures which can drop to -1 to -2 degree Celsius. Attending Weddings in this high temperature and freezing winds are not at all easy.

So it’s better to be prepared in early time possible. Here are some facts and tips below regarding plan for coming up of winter weddings.

Get winter accessories and clothing

Winter Wedding
If you are having or going to attend a winter wedding coming this winter season, be prepared to walk out of your warm surroundings like your home and leaving out your cozy quilts. It’s time to start thinking about what you are going to wear to the wedding.

From top to bottom, it will be time to cover up fully. Start to plan on to buy shawls, sweaters, warm leggings, velvet clothing, long sleeves wedding dresses, stole, veil, cape, and much more.

There are multiple options available in the market to make you look as gorgeous and traditional as warm and cozy, which can help you out to be stunning at this wedding season.

You can get yourself a velvet blouse or velvet suit to keep you warm as well as fabulous. You can either choose up some western clothing on your Indian ethnic wears.

A stylish leather jacket looks or cute printed jacket looks perfect for ethnic wear, which I think can be a perfect match of style and coziness.

Makeup and beauty tips:

Season of winter comes up with several skin and beauty issues like dry skin and chapped lips. So it is better to be prepared for all these things coming in the way. Just prep up yourself with skin care and beauty tips so that upcoming winter won’t be able to harm your beauty. Try to Keep your skin and lips moisturized. Always keep a moisturizer and a lip balm with you. There are also several branded creams available in the market which helps your skin to be moisturized.


Don’t go for stripped sandals and heels. They can make your feet freeze out. You can just wear some socks to keep your feet warm. Also, there are a variety of boots available to wear in the wedding season. Boot helps your feet to be covered fully so to keep them cozy.

Try making the event warm:

If you are a wedding planner or if there is a wedding at your home, then try to think of your guest as well. Just get some ideas to how will you make the place warm so that outer chilly winds won’t be able to affect your whole event.

Candles are also there, as they can be used as for decoration and to keep the place warm as well.

Try making the arrangements in a bog hall as open weddings are more prone to chilling winds which can ruin the guest’s experience and expectations, which nobody wants to happen. Also, you can plan for putting some braziers (angithi) and a bonfire to make your guest enjoy the wedding and keeping the event homely and cozy.

Delicious Delicacies to offer:

Welcome your guest and make them comfortable with a cup of coffee and hot tea. You can also provide them with a wide range and great taste of different varieties of soups. There are Indian, Chinese, Thai, continental range of soups you can think to put in your food menu for the weddings.

Tandoori snacks such as kababs, tikkas and a wide variety of other Indian snacks are the best mouth-watering delicacies you can cater. These food items are delicious to eat in winters which according to me, can relish the event with great taste.

Plus, these items help to keep the body warm as well. Use of dry fruits in your food items also makes the delicacies more delicious along with, they help the bodies to keep warm.

There are varieties of alcoholic drinks served as well in weddings such as whiskey, rum, gin etc.

Red Wine

Some kinds of these drinks help to keep the body warm such as whiskey, rum, and Brandi but always remember little liquor is alright but don’t consume it in heavy dose otherwise it can affect your body and the wedding mood adversely.

Alcohol is injurious to liver and kidney. It can make your skin and lips drier which is not good at all in the winter season. So it is better to act smart but not a drunkard.

Style Tips for men:

There are style tips for men as well which can help a man to amaze out every one. Stylish shervanis, leather jackets, Coats, Silk kurtas are some of the varieties to look for this winters.

Gents boots and formal shoes are also there to make yourself look stylish while keeping the warmth. You can also either go for wearing a warmer inside your stylish outfit. This combination is perfect as outerwear will help you look fab and innerwear will keep you cozy.


Winter weddings are exceptionally great events to attend and are one of a kind.  Planning with these tips and tricks will help you to look as stylish as possible with the comfort of warmth inside. So it’s better to pre-plan well before its too late.