5 Top Reasons Why Businesses Choose Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel PHP Framework

Laravel PHP Framework earning good numbers of Star in GitHub and becoming one of the top choices for building custom web applications. It is a secure and scalable PHP framework built using MVC programming design patterns as well regularly maintained by the large community of open source developers.

Every business has uniqueness and a custom web solution which can integrate 3rd party API as well as fulfill in-house business requirements. Even you have small businesses or big business, Data and Security is your topmost concern. Laravel frameworks can full fill all these business problems if this build by expert teams.

Web-based solutions should be attractive in design as well rich sets of functions. Using laravel custom solutions quickly implemented compare to other frameworks. Laravel support vue.js by default which offers highly interactive front ends.

Business apps need lots of logic due to this lots of backend data increase and proper handling of the database right frameworks pick in the starting can play a big role but the big important part the development team logic and previous experience of handling big applications. Here we bring top reason why business should pick Laravel  PHP Frameworks.

5 Best Advantage of Laravel framework

Solid Security:

Laravel has inbuilt controller and model to fight big security thread such as SQL Injection, CSRF, XSS attacks. Inbuilt CSRF token confirms that external request generated from the 3rd party, not vulnerable web applications. Laravel use ORM  for fight  SQL injection using PDO binding. Laravel uses dual brace syntax which avoids run javascript code and prevent from XSS attacks. We at Pixel Point Technology Laravel development company offers service hire laravel developer for build secure and scalable custom web application at the affordable price.

Scalable and License:

Laravel built using open source technologies and laravel is scalable due to many features such as Service Container, Queues, Events. the application has to good catch, can use the Elastic search as well have inbuilt session library makes this scalable solution for bigs apps.

Setup & Development time:

Cost of business apps depends on the time invested by the developer to create custom solutions. Due to the composer, and artisan web application can be set up quickly and PSR and the eloquent ORM  reduce development time. even when you want to add more teams or scalable your apps with more features laravel will Handel smoothly. Laravel can handle high traffic website. Laravel crud operations manage efficiently database operations.

Roles & Access & Routing:

Business apps used by many roles of in-house employees. each employee has the specific role for growing an organization. Laravel uses inbuilt ACL role systems to make applications accessible according to roles.

Well, Laravel use hashed passwords and not store the password in the plain text which makes accessing of applications through different roles securely. Every business website needs search engine support as well to increase business leads. It’s routing options to create SEO friendly URL systems makes this leading choice for custom web development.

Modular system & Mail:

Each business wants to use other 3rd party APIs such as CRM, Email systems and laravel modular systems makes this is one of the top choices for the same. It can easily integrate many payment gateways and can generate reports easily.

It’s inbuilt Mail services help to send proper notification which is basic needs for every kind of business. Reusability of modular code reduces the size of codes which increase the speed of the website.

Bottom line:

Business those have unique requirements want to build a custom web app laravel can be cost-effective solutions with no license tensions. Custom web app built by laravel can handle Exceptional, automation testing, server overhead low, best fit for agile development, with having blade template engines for effective front ends.