Winter Horse Care Essential Tips


With the change of seasons, you have to be extra careful about your pet health care! Especially, during winters and if you are a horse owner! It’s beautiful to watch the white snow on the street and feel the sudden nip in the air. But winter also brings in the unwanted skin rashes at the onset of the season, the general health issues like stomach problems and the like. And when it comes to your horse, you can expect a whole new range of health-related problems such as dehydration, respiratory issues, skin itching, joint stiffness and many more. 

It is necessary to be able to take good care optimal care of your horse during winters! Discussed below are three essential tips to get started:

  1. Get him to move

When winter comes, most people stable their horses! It is of equal importance that you keep all your horses in a regular exercise or work mode to ensure that they remain active. And this will prevent them from becoming stiff. Also, a daily workout for the horses doesn’t necessarily need to be an extensive workout session. It could just be a very simple leg stretch that will make his joints agile and supple. Daily exercise will also help in his general wellbeing. It keeps the horses mentally stimulated which is essential if a horse seasonal affective disorder.

  1. Make sure to ventilate the stable

Generally, horses tend to attract respiratory issues if you keep them in the stable for long hours! You can remedy this issue by merely offering decent ventilation in the barn. Opening the stable window, or the air vents will work wonders. When there is adequate circulation of refreshing air, all the dusty and stale air particles move out of the stable. And there are zero cold draughts. Do you wish to restrict the ingestion of dust? If yes, you can make use of shredded cardboard or large flaked shavings, to limit the air-borne dust as you skip the horse out.

Everyone wants their horses to resemble the ones in Yonkers Raceway! For that, it is essential for your horse to also get soaked and high-quality hay, with reduced dust pores! When you allow your horse to eat off the stable floor instead of the net, it will drain mucus that could have built up.

  1. Offer shelter

Does your horse stay outside? If yes, then you need to keep him comfortable and cozy by offering access to adequate shelter.  If your horse is sharing the field with other horses, then the accommodation should be extended to all other companions. Not all horse requires additional rugs when there’s a drop in the temperature. However, if your horse’s winter coat isn’t ample thick that would keep him cozy, it’s a smart call to rug him using a dry, clean and well-fitted rug that will not result in sores or any skin issues.

These are some of the basic winter horse care tips! However, the horse care tips vary based on your horse’s bodily requirements and health condition. You can start by incorporating these three horse care tactics and then add-in other health care tips as you delve deep more on the subject.