Working Guide to watch Amazon TV for Free

Working Guide to watch Amazon TV for Free

Hey, guys, I hope you are doing good and waiting for my next post. Here I am with my another post on How to jailbreak firestick device.

Firestick device is kind of small pen drive like device which you need to be plugged in HDMI supported TV. Through this device, you can stream content like Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, Youtube, Amazon prime videos, HBO and much more over WiFi or internet connection.

To enjoy all these benefits you need to bear some cost for that and paying cost for every benefit may not be affordable for everyone. No one knows that he or she can have all these benefits free of cost as well by following a simple process i.e jailbreaking.

Here I am sharing the ways by which you can have these benefits without bearing any cost.

There is a tremendous change in watching TV earlier and now. Firestick device modernized our TV to a great extent.

Earlier you were not having as much options to explore on your TV but with the era of smart TVs and firestick devices now you have much more things to explore.

Most of the people have an opinion that it is an illegal process but you don’t need to worry for the same as it is completely legal just you need to take care of the copyrighted content. Using a copyrighted content may not be allowed or may be banned in your country.

How to jailbreak firestick device

This process starts with the installation of the Virtual private network also known as VPN. VPN creates a secret path between your device and internet service provider and no one can know about your activity as VPN hides your real identity. You can select the best VPN among following-:

1. Express VPN

2. Cyberghost

3. IP vanish

4. NordVPN

5. Buffered VPN

These are some best and recommended VPN which gives you various benefits in terms of Speed, Connectivity throughout the universe, low cost, security, protection and much more.

This process needs only two things firestick device and internet connection with good Mbps.

Watch Amazn TV free

Once you have completed the process of installation of VPN (virtual private network) you need to do some changes in the setting of your device and which require a little technical knowledge.the changes in the setting is an important step as it will help in the process to go smoothly.

The second step is the installation of a downloader app on the firestick device. It is a very important part to install this app as this app is very easy to use and also it does not ask for any kind of cost.

The third step is the installation of a software that is known as Kodi software. Kodi is a very important software as it helps you to enjoy vast multimedia content, services, Apps games and much more. It will give you entry to even illegal content as well so be careful while streaming content.

Jailbreak firestick process will be completed after installation of Kodi software but it further requires the installation of Add-ons on Kodi which will allow you to enjoy benefits completely.