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Write for Egypt Observer:

Egypt Observer welcomes individual bloggers to contribute high-quality content.

You can submit for consideration a 100% original article (not previously published content anywhere else, including your own site), with content based on your personal experiences and/or professional expertise, and we will review it for potential publication on our site. Don´t try to submit copy content. Otherwise, your content and account both will be banned from our site.

Before submitting articles, please read carefully all guidelines to learn how to submit a guest post or write for us:

Note: Adult, Porn, Casino, Drugs, Armed products content is not allowed.

The Type of Articles We Welcome:

  • ⇒ Automobile
  •  ⇒ Architecture
  •  ⇒ Blogging
  •  ⇒ Business
  •  ⇒ Cars
  •  ⇒ Entertainment
  •  ⇒ Environment
  •  ⇒ Fashion
  •  ⇒ Food & Drinks
  •  ⇒ Home
  •  ⇒ Hotels
  •  ⇒ Health
  •  ⇒ How To
  • ⇒ Internet Marketing
  •  ⇒ Lifestyle
  •  ⇒ Reviews
  •  ⇒ Seo (Search Engine Optimization)
  •  ⇒ Social Media
  •  ⇒ Technology
  •  ⇒ Travel

Guest Writer Guidelines:

Below are the “Do and Don’t” guidelines for guest writing for Egypt Observer. Please check these out before submitting an article.


1) Submit Original and high-quality content.

2) Choose a Great Title with proper Meta Description.

3) Please submit articles of at least 800+ words (Otherwise your content will be deleted)

4) Insert relevant copyright free images.

5) You will get only one contextual link per article.

6) Use a Captivating Opening Statement.

7) Sub-Headings – Please split up your content with relevant subheadings to make it easier for readers to follow the logical flow of ideas.

8) Short Paragraphs – So readers can easily digest your awesome article, please keep paragraphs short and succinct (2-3 sentences each).


1) Don’t submit articles that have been, or will be, published elsewhere.

2) Don’t use Copyrighted images always use free stock images.

3) Don’t submit topic ideas.

4) Don’t send anything that violates our Terms & Conditions.

Why High-Quality Content For Guest Blogging:

We are helping you to promote your business and reach more users. As you know content is king. If you will post high-quality unique content then search engines will love your content and it will get a high ranking which means more sales or promotion. Users love complete and informative articles. So if you want to contribute something, remember to do a good research and write clear, easy to understand articles.

Be Clear:

You know if you will make an eye-catching title, 70% of your work will be done already. The first thing users read will be the title of your article. If it`s interesting enough and catchy, only then users will be ready to click and read it.  Also, add main keywords of your article in the title.

How we can help to promote your guest post:

We always try to publish your post asap. We are trying to publish your article within 24 hours. But sometimes it will take some time because so many contributors are in the queue. Whenever your article will be accepted you will receive an email. We will also promote articles on twitter, google plus, facebook, Reddit and other social networks.

If Your Post is Accepted & Published:

💜 We agree to:

Support your work and your mission in the world by sharing your article with our global community on social media.

We may also share articles in an email to The Daily Positive community when we highlight most popular posts.

💜 You agree to:

Share the article via email with your subscribers.

Share the article on your social media channels.

Reply to comments on your article on our site within the first week of it being posted live (this is because you are best placed to support readers with any questions, ideas or comments they have about the content of your article).

How to Submit Your Article:

Register on EgyptObserver as a contributor and Submit your content exactly per above guidelines.

Last update: 6.11.2018