Why You Should Use Yahoo Answer For your Website Marketing?

Use Yahoo Answer For your Website Marketing

Over the past few years, people have discovered that using Yahoo is a great way for website marketing and it’s free. Yahoo answers are basically a social networking site, based on questions and answers. It’s a community where people from all around the world come, and share knowledge.

People come on yahoo answers to ask people about things they can’t understand, it can be personal, public interest related or any other topic. There are many people who say that yahoo answer is similar to forum marketing.

The difference in yahoo answers is you get to leave a signature at the end, and there is always the benefit of search engine ranking.

There is a statistic showing that yahoo answer has approximately 15 million daily users. It’s the simplest way for your website marketing, as all you have to do is give an answer and leave a link for your website.

There are chances that your answer starts getting reported and this will lead to your account being suspended. So, start with answering as many questions as possible, and help people in any way you can.

When you have developed a relationship with the people around, then start to market your website. The reason why should you use yahoo answer for your website marketing? Given below are 8 reasons to convince you why.

How Yahoo Answer Helpful In Blog Traffic and Marketing?

1. Usage:

As I have mentioned before that yahoo answers have 15 million users daily, and Yahoo claims to have more than 200 million users. A website that has so much traffic will be the most ideal place to start with.

Yahoo answers are filled with people looking for answers, so it’s best to use this opportunity to market your website for free. This does not mean that you go around spamming answers. You have to work with a strategy, a strategy that will get people’s attention, and won’t get you banned.

2. Awareness:

The idea is not only to get traffic on your site, but it’s also to market your product or information. Start with answering your questions yourself.

This does not mean use the same account, keep two or three accounts. This way you can post a question, and answer it yourself. So, when people look around for something related to that your question will pop up.

3. Community building:

The idea is to build a relationship of trust; this way when you do something good for someone else they return the favor.

Slowly you can build a community that will help you spread your website farther and faster than you alone could have done. You have to be an informer and helper, this will promote your name, and you can ask for a favor in return.

4. Branding your website:

Branding your website

A place like that is yahoo answer, where people for the entire world connect is the perfect place for website marketing. Website marketing is now more popular than ever, as it gives you a global market.

The best way to go about marketing is by branding your product, or website. Branding requires a special set of techniques, so the goal in hand can be achieved without a problem. Using the best technique yahoo answer can double the traffic on your website in no time.

5. Gold Mine:

Yahoo answer today is said to be the goldmine of website marketing. For anyone who is trying to target a higher trafficking rate.

During this process, people will help you by telling you what can be done to improve your website and the traffic. All you have to do is ask, there are many people who will help you if you post a question.

6. Finding new customers:

Finding new customers

If you are selling a product through your website, or any other material. Yahoo answer is the best place to market. As, the best way to find the customer is through friends, and then they can ask their friends to be your clients too.

7. Exposure:

The technique is to give actually helpful answers, look for the industry your website represents and start posting answers and attach your website link for further details. Try to become the authority of your industry, this way whenever someone runs a search you will be on the top search result. This exposure will give you more than 100 visitors and more.

8. Increases Search Engine Ranking:

Increasing your search engine ranking is not an easy job; most people who use search engines go through just the first two pages. Using yahoo answers will increase your rankings, and increase website traffic. This all sound like simple and easy, and it is, but it is also time-consuming.

Tell us in the comment section that Which Methods You are using For your Website Marketing.

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